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The Office Show Summary

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The Office is one of those great shows you can catch on TV late at night, and you expect it to be on when nothing else is. It is packed full of humor that almost anyone can relate to, and includes problems that real people can actually understand. Rather than watching some crazy soap opera with twisted story lines, The Office brings out the humor in everyday live even just by sitting in a coffee shop and chatting with friends.
The Office has an easy to watch and comical story line about a companies employees who have found out about a rumor that the company is going to close their office. Their manager who believes he is Gods gift to the office world, and knows just about everything there is to know about, and this includes women, laughter and of course the running of any office. There are many things in this series that have been drawn from true life experience.

Plot Summary
The Office was created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, originally for British television, and was adapted and co produced for American television by Greg Daniels’ Deedle-Dee Productions and Reveille Productions.
The American television series portrays the daily working lives of the office employees of a branch of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. The first season begins with all the main characters and the basic plot of the story, which is the companies downsizing and the Scranton branch where the series is based is the branch that faces possible closure. However Michael, the manager, disagrees with the rumours of down sizing or possible closure to keep up the office morale. More plots emerge and lives become entangled through the next three series, making a total of four series at present.

Main Characters and Cast
The regional manager of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton Branch is Michael Scott played by Steve Carell. His assistant regional manager is Dwight Schrute played by Rainn Wilson. Jim Halpert the Sales Representative is played by John Krasinski, while the Receptionist is Pam Beesly played by Jenna Fischer, Jim and Pam are the offices central love interest. Then there is the Temporary Worker Ryan Howard is played by B J Novak. Other cast members include: Angela Kinsey, Oscar Nuñez and Brian Baumgartner who are all in accounting.

Before its first airing, the New York Daily News called it "so diluted there's little left but muddy water," and USA Today called it a "passable imitation of a miles-better BBC original." A Guardian Unlimited review panned its lack of originality, stating, "(Steve Carell) just seems to be trying too hard … Maybe in later episodes when it deviates from Gervais and Merchant's script, he'll come into his own. But right now he's a pale imitation."
Reviews became more positive as the second season progressed. Come December, Time magazine remarked, "Producer Greg Daniels created not a copy but an interpretation that sends up distinctly American work conventions … with a tone that's more satiric and less mordant. … The new boss is different from the old boss, and that's fine by me." Entertainment Weekly echoed these sentiments a week later, stating, "Thanks to the fearless Steve Carell, an ever-stronger supporting cast, and scripts that spew American corporate absurdist vernacular with perfect pitch, this undervalued remake does the near impossible — it honours Ricky Gervais' original and works on its own terms."
Time magazine's James Poniewozik named it one of the Top 10 Returning Series of 2007, ranking it at Number 6.

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